Welcome.  I am Mike – a 20-something software developer from Wisconsin with an expensive music hobby.

"You start out as a guy with a guitar who just wants to record a darn song. Then, you spend all this time and money figuring out how to record it. By the end, you forgot what you set out to do."

I’ve been playing music since I was young, but I wasn’t a songwriter until I had the equipment and the forum which made it possible.   Song Fight! opened an exciting door which drove me to hone my skills.

When I was liquored up, writing my first song for Song Fight, I asked my college roommate, “What should I call myself?”

Manhattan Glutton.

My roommate, Andrew, years later would drum on our first studio album as Apollo14, along with my close friend Scott on bass.  The jury’s still out on whether that was a waste of time or not.  It was a good experience, so I say yes.  But it wouldn’t hurt if you checked it out and bought it.

Challenge Accepted

When I make music, I don’t aim for a genre.  A lot of my early stuff was inspired by Nirvana or Metallica since all I had was a guitar.  Since then, I’ve added bass, fake drums, and other FX to my toolkit.  My sound varies wildly from song to song.  While power-pop is my specialty, I often try to do genres which are not guitar-based.

My primary goal with this website is to establish a place for friends, family, and fellow songfighters to find information about my music.

I love music.  I love sharing music.  This is my place to share it with you.  If you enjoy it, please share it with others or drop me a comment.