Song Fight Live! this weekend, margaritas, and other updates

First thing’s first – I’m headed to Seattle to hang with my Song Fight peeps and play some music!  I’m going to be playing an acoustic set on Friday at 9pm.  I’ll also perhaps be making a cameo in other people’s sets, including fluffy’s.  You can find the event on Facebook here.


If you missed my Facebook announcements or haven’t checked out my Bandcamp in a while (which you most certainly haven’t), I’ve released two songs which are not all that new, but are completed and released to the public for the first time.

You Are The Heartbeat Of This Office, For Sure is a fairly recent Song Fight title (obviously) featuring a CAKE like sound.  It’s one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy it.

Blame It On Ginger is a Nur Ein title from last year.  I felt a little nervous about the general public hearing it, so I waited, but here we are.


You may be wondering as to the status of my SongFighter iPhone app.  I am still diligently working on it in my spare time (after getting rejected from the AppStore the first time).

The current feature set is:

  • News – show latest fights and song news from
    • Navigate to linked web pages inside the app
  • Fights – fight archive and individual fight playlists/results
    • Search titles
  • Artists – artist archive with artist playlist/results
    • Search artists
  • Forums – view the forums
  • Listen to songs by artist or fight

Before releasing, I’d like to implement the following:

  • News
    • Navigate directly to fights, artists, and forum links
    • Play fight song links within app (optional)
    • Email & reminders for upcoming fight
  • Fights
    • Make the rows look more attractive
    • Allow voting
    • Allow emailing
  • Artists
    • Add more to the rows
    • Somehow pull in data – at least images from the wiki
  • Settings screen
    • About information
    • Delete cache(s)
  • Player
    • Download songs to cache

So I’ve got quite a bit to do.  Fortunately, with the other stuff complete, most of this is trivial.


Anyway, enough nerding out.  It’s time to pack!

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