Nur Ein VII: songwriting to the death

Nur Ein is an annual, reality-TV-game-esque, Song Fight related contest. You write and record a song in approximately 5 days, every week.  It’s kind of underground (heck, I maintain the wiki).

25 contestants start at round 1, and by round 7 there are two left.  Nur Ein means “only one” in German.

It’s good fun and keeps me writing music. Some of it sucks – some of it rocks.  Here’s a summary so far.

Round 1 – The Architect
Challenge: Must include a round.

The best time to try a new genre is in the early rounds, so why not DUBSTEP?  Completely caught the judges off-guard and managed to rank fairly well.  I think it could be better, though.

Round 2 – The Best Place in Town is Also The Darkest
Challenge: Significant use of stops.

For some reason I manage to do best with obtuse titles.  I think I should have won this round, because this song is fairly fantastic, if I do say so myself.  If you listen to any, it should be this.  I even managed to write some decent lyrics!

Round 3 – Unexpected Guest
Challenge: Collaborate with a previous Nur Ein contestant.

I had a rough week at work, and I’m not good at playing well with others.  Luckily, I found someone to give me a sweet guitar solo – his name’s Sausage and he’s kind of new to the Song Fight world.   This song is kind of phoned in, but it really grew on me after a few listens.

Round 4 – Elizabeth the Great
Challenge: Dramatic change in tempo.

This song is a bit scatterbrained, but I feel like it really kicks ass.  It starts out sweet and slow, turns into alt rock, and then… I won’t ruin the surprise for you.  If nothing else, I had fun doing it and learned a bit more.


That’s all for now.  I’ll maybe try to keep this page updated somewhat.

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